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Lee Freedom - Cable Bay Road Nelson, New Zealand

"I've known and worked with Dan Compton since 1995 in Sedona, Arizona. At that time he was the lead contractor on the construction of a 6,000 sq. ft. mansion outside of Sedona for a client. It was a huge ongoing project for several years.

Dan showed his general knowledge of all phases of construction from foundations to the very demanding finish work that was required on this structure. He's an excellent carpenter and a good general organizer for large projects. This project included extensive timber large framing  from  reclaimed  railroad  trestle  lumber.  It  was a challenge Dan was always up to.

During this period I was hired as a framing and finishing contractor. I have held a general contractor's license since 1988 and have over 30 years of experience in construction."





"I  have  known  Dan  since  1983  where  we  worked  together on construction and development projects.  He  built  many  multi-  million  dollar  homes on Oahu's prestigious  Hawaii  Loa  Ridge. He handled  many different phases of construction having some heavy  excavating equipment. His company(s) did sitework, foundations, framing and finish and were well known for their attention to detail.  At one time he had crews in excess of 25 employees and many subcontractors and        specialty subs as well.  His homes  were unique and extremely well built.His detail to quality was impeccable.  I also watched him build out a  20+  unit residential subdivision of $375,000-  $475,000  range  of homes in Kaneohe Hawaii called Alawiki Heights.   I can highlyrecommend his quality construction, his experience in many facets of  construction, and his ability to work well with people."


Projects on this website were constructed by one of Dan Compton's  companies in Arizona or Hawaii.   Dan has been the owner/principal in both the construction companies and in some cases the development company that organized the projects.  The Hawaii projects were done by his construction and development and excavation companies. References below

Phillip  Galliard                520 247 3548        Contractor/developer

Charlie Van  Block           928 301 1669       Architect   

Don  Obrian                     650 483 9817       Contractor/Designer

Grace Garneau                928 274 2086       Homeowner / Client

Jeff Anselm                    808 505 7181       Home Inspector / Builder  

Andrew Neel Chlysta       530-615-9565      Contractor

Lee Freedom                  643 539 4684       Contractor/Investor     

Grace Garneau Cottonwood, Arizona



Dan Compton - Owner - Blue Horizon


What People Are Saying About Dan Compton and Blue Horizon

"In July of 2004 I bought a single family residence in Cottonwood, AZ. With Dan Compton as the general contractor I had the house transformed into a triplex. This involved separating the gas, water, and electric since each apartment had to be on it's own meters. This was a fairly complex operation because different parts of the house had been built at different times. Two kitchens, one bathroom and two swamp coolers were added, a laundry room was created as well as numerous other improvements. 

Several months later I hired Dan to transform what used to be an old cow dairy into an art studio for myself since I live in one of the apartments. This project included putting on a whole new roof with skylights, creating a new wall for one side of the building, leveling out the floor with cement, and cutting through the cement walls to add doors and windows.

 This is a very beautiful and magical house that needed Dan's artistic eye to maintain it's original character. Dan is very creative and inventive and does an exceptional job of creating beautiful environments. His knowledge and skill level are excellent, and he is very well suited as a general contractor because he is a natural leader. Everyone who sees the house is very impressed at the results and many have said they want to buy it if I ever decide to sell. It could not have been what it is without Dan, and I can highly recommend him to produce great results with any kind of construction project."






Phillip Galliard - Transform Builders Tucson, Arizona and Santa Fe Builders in Honolulu














Charlie Van Block - Architect     Sedona, Arizona http://charlesvanblockarchitects.com



" I have been working in Sedona for twenty years, with many excellent
builders, and Dan Compton was one of the best of these.  The house he built that I worked on was superb, and it's beauty owed as much to Dan's attention to detail as to anything anyone contributed in design.  He is an outstanding craftsman, and the work itself speaks more than any of my words could ever say.  I would highly recommend him for anyone's building project."


Dolores Sandvold - Sand Sea Realty Honolulu, Hawaii




"I have known Dan Compton since the 1990's and I have seen him and his  company  produce excellent quality projects for many years. He is very gifted at gathering talented people around him and creating beautiful homes. We sold some  of his projects and our clients were very pleased. He is talented in many  phases of  construction and has an eye for detail. He and I did some joint ventures together   as well.  His crews were great workers and a joy to know."

"I have known and worked with Dan for over twenty-five years. I know him to be an industrious and hard worker as well as diligent. He also assembles good crews. Having been a builder and inspector for over thirty years, I know the difference between the good and the not-so-good. I'm sure you will be pleased to have Dan build for you."


Jeff Anselm -  Home Buyer's Inspection  Service    Makawao, Hawaii






"I've known Dan Compton for 32 years. For those of us who know him it goes without saying, that Dan knows every aspect of construction and  the construction business.  Dan is the kind of man that excels at everything he attempts.  I had the privilege of working for Dan first as a carpenter, then as a supervisor on Oahu in the 1980's and early 1990's.  His goal was to create and develop a residential  construction company on the island, with a quality standard and customer satisfaction rating second to none. He constantly strived to instill in all of us his high standards and ideals.  Through seminars and workshops, apprenticeship programs, weekly quality control meetings and his own personal on the job supervision and example, the high standard he pursued was achieved not one time, but every time. I learned a great deal from Dan and am now a general contractor myself for 16 years. I know now how difficult it is to do the finest work possible one job at a time and to exceed the expectations of my clients. When I look back at those years working for Dan I still marvel at how Dan did what he did not one project at a time but four and five at a time."     



Andrew Neel Chlysta - A.N.C. Construction Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

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